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I appreciate all of the appraisals and constructive critisism of my story. Some have said it was rushed at the end or too short but it is intended to read as a two hour movie, with a lot of consideration on pacing for a movie-loving audience as well as readers of fan-fiction.

This page is to give explainations of my reasons for writing it and to answer any direct questions I receive regarding plot descisions, these will be posted along with my answer below for everyone to read.

My ideas for this sequel story started when I thought about the most important plot points needed to tie-in with the Predator events of the past and the Alien events in the future, as well as any plot-holes that could be explained to add credibility to the series.

As the rescue team in Alien 3 is lead by men of Asian descent could Yutani be an eastern-founded business?

How was Weyland Yutani formed?

What do Weyland Yutani already know about the Xenomorph?

How did the Alien egg/s get on the Sulaco in Alien 3?

Can a facehugger produce more than one Alien?

What has happened to Earth for Johner to descibe it the way he does in Alien Resurrection?

If both The Company and USM believe the Aliens can be trained, has this been attempted before?

How often do Predator's visit Earth to hunt humans?

What became of the Predator technology left behind in Predator 2?

With a Hybrid on-board, what happened on the Predator mother-ship?

If no Aliens escaped the pyramid in AVP and with the Queen dead, how does The Company know about the Xenomorph and is that the end for the Predators' 100 year ritual?

I also considered what fans have said they want to see.

Many fans want a New York city infested in Alien warriors which could help to explain how Earth is described in Alien Resurrection, but the AVP story must first evolve in that direction, a full-blown infestation wouldn't make sense unless some ground-work is done to show signs of human experimentation with Aliens.

Another suggestion is the inclusion of the Space-Jockey species but this is likely to complicate things too much with the Predator species already in the mix.

Fox are concentrating their efforts on the AVP franchise so any further Alien or Predator sequels are unlikely for now. There isn't much point in setting AVP2 on a planet other than Earth when the founding of Weyland Yutani is still to be explored.

Question from Lucas, 29th Mar 2006:

wow, i was truely impressed with your sequal script, i escpecially liked how you tied in dutch and even hopper into the storyline, the only thing i was going to ask, since you may be following a totally differant storyline, but the novel script written by Randy Stradley kept the character of alexa woods in the story, after helping a predator fight off the aliens shes marked, which is portrayed in the first avp, when the predators finally come back to hunt again, her scar is recognized and she fight with them, i may be totally off point and used to a certain plot, pretty much what made you not want to keep lex's character in the mix?


Paul Anderson has based some of his AVP plot on the events of the original comic-book series and novels. It was mentioned in an interview that Arnold Schwarzenegger was to appear in a cameo which he would have done if he wasn't elected Governor. Unless it was a throwaway walk-on how could his character have been of any use to the plot when Weyland appears to know nothing of the Predator race? For Lex to feature strongly in AVP2 she would also need a good reason to be involved, the scar on her cheek seems more likely to mark her as a worthy opponent than an invitation to join in on future hunts. Some articles have stated that Sanna Lathan's acting performance wasn't well received by fans and critics, I took this into account and feel that her character was strongly that of an unwilling fighter who would choose escape over combat. This is why she features in my story as an explorer trying to uncover answers.

Maybe Predator 3 WILL involve Dutch and Harrigan being obducted to fight Predators as it has been suggested, perhaps Lex could go too.