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Synopsis & Updates

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Three years after the events in Antarctica, Charles Weyland's son and heir, Adam, is invited to a meeting with the Yutani Corporation in Tokyo. In a hidden research facility, built within the remains of a Predator temple, stolen secrets will be shared.
With the remains of an Alien Queen and two frozen eggs, Earth's defence against the Predator threat will be bred. It is 2007, the hunters will return...

This site will host the story of an unofficial sequel to Alien versus Predator. With the Earth hive destroyed and the birth of the Hybrid, ever wondered where the story would take us next? I did, this story involves the first steps of "The Company" and their interest in the Aliens, as well as suggesting explanations for some of the Alien and Predator saga plot holes.
Chapters will be accompanied by illustrations of key scenes and characters. The plot stays faithful to both franchises and is aimed to please the fans.

1st April 2006 Question and Answer Page
1st March 2006 Desktop Wallpapers +
Describe your ideal AVP2 in the guestbook
1st February 2006 FINALE: Chapters 8 + 9
1st January 2006 Chapter 7 +
Headhunter and Topknot Gallery Pictures
1st December 2005 Chapter 6 +
Annalise Richards Gallery Picture
1st November 2005 Chapter 5
1st October 2005 Chapter 4
28th September 2005 Added Character Gallery +
Dr Foster Picture
1st September 2005 Chapter 3
1st August 2005 Chapter 2
1st July 2005  Chapter 1


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